Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I have had several nicknames throughout my life so far:

Marge & Pebbles: these both were because of my hair, when it was really long before going to bed I would put my hair up into a ponytail on top of my head. My dad called me Pebbles when he saw my hair like this, my sorority sisters called me Marge.

Radar & Baby Ray: Radar was my nickname at age 16 while working as a life guard at Camp Cedar Ledge, the girl scout camp. It quickly became Baby Ray since I was the youngest employee at the camp.

Pokey: I can't remember how I go this one? I think it may have been from when I was a camper at horse camp.

T-Bone: my sister-in-law calls me this every once and a while.

Rose: sometimes I say stupid things but always with a smile, so my sorority sisters started calling me Rose after Betty White from the Golden Girls. Since I was the youngest pledge I guess I had a sweet innocence to me?

And the most unique nickname... Fruit of the Loom.... another hair inspired name given to me by my sorority sisters, because my curly hair bounces back wash after wash!

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